Our Environment


Camjet staff recognise the importance of good environmental management. Factors concerned with both sustainability of the environment and the utilisation of its benefits. This relates to the concept of Kaitiakitanga, which is already acknowledge in legislation and is defined as follows:

“exercise of guardianship by the tangata whenua of an area in accordance with tikanga Māori in relation to natural and physical resources, and include the ethic of stewardship”.(section 2 RMA)

“the exercise of guardianships; and, in relation to any fisheries resources, includes the ethic of stewardship based on the nature of the resources, as exercised by the appropriate tangata whenua in accordance with tikanga Māori”. (section 2, Fisheries Act 1992)

Camjet aim’s is to have a small as possible environmental footprint. So, carbon emissions are mitigated by running efficient fuel systems and highly tuned engines and jet units in our vessels. But it doesn’t stop there, our carbon emissions are offset with our own initiatives by picking up rubbish at river side park. We also educate our customers about the importance of a pristine river ecosystem. Show them a vast variety of fish and bird species occupying this beautiful ecosystem. As a result, we hope to slowly change the public’s perception for the Mighty Waikato River.

Committed to sustainable Tourism